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Business lessons from the recent IRS scandal

In Crisis Management on May 16, 2013 at 10:51 pm

It is easy to dislike the IRS; they take our money. Even if we like what a good chunk of that money goes toward, it’s still easy to grumble about the entity that takes our money and occasionally makes us prove our accounting. And that is when they are doing their jobs correctly – this week’s news has made it even easier to mistrust the agency. But let’s make a couple of assumptions and perform a little exercise examining our own businesses as compared to the revelations about the IRS this week.

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Crisis management planning should be done by all businesses

In Crisis Management on January 29, 2013 at 7:55 pm

You wrote a business plan for the success of your business. Now it’s time to write a crisis management plan to bolster your company’s response to moments of crisis.

It is worth asking the question, “What is considered a crisis?” There are a number of potential ways to answer that, but customize the answer for your business by asking yourself this question: What are the components of my company that make it function smoothly?

A crisis is a moment when one of those components ceases to function properly with the potential of harming your company in some significant way.

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New Crisis Communication App from Microsoft

In Crisis Management on January 17, 2013 at 12:50 pm

If disaster were to strike, how would you let your family, friends, and co-workers know that you’re alright?

Microsoft announced a new mobile app called HelpBridge that serves as a great tool to both keep family, friends and co-workers informed and to help people donate easily to recovery efforts.  There are other tools that do everything HelpBridge does, but the app is fairly easy to set up and have ready to contact pre-set groups of people with customized messages when the need arises.

For businesses, a tool like HelpBridge could easily be incorporated into a company’s crisis management plan to assist with warning employees of a problem or updating them when new information becomes available.

Important to remember when using apps like HelpBridge is that they are not a substitute for contacting emergency services (calling 911).  The app is best used once an emergency has been resolved or there is no longer immediate danger.  If emergency services can not be reached, however, or if cell service will allow data but not voice connection, the app could also be used to draft your close contacts to attempt to get you help.

Among the more important features of the app is the capability to simultaneously send messages through text-message, email, and Facebook; including location data.  The app is available on Windows, Android and iOS phones in the U.S.

Take a moment to download it for free and go through the set-up process so that your phone will be ready in case you find the need to use such an app.

For more information, Microsoft Citizenship Team has created the following video: