David Holmes


Based in Austin, Texas, Intrepid Solutions is operated by David Holmes who​ approaches your business’s challenges backed up by 20 years of planning for, avoiding, and solving crises in the Texas public policy, political, and private sectors.​

Above all else, David values loyalty and confidentiality as he works with you to protect your business.

More about David:

David Holmes has worked in and around the Texas Legislature for 20 years, starting in the office of Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock.  During that time, David also worked in political campaigns on the local, state and national level.

As a legislative staffer, David had to regularly mediate among divergent interests, leading him to get training in professional mediation to enhance his many years’ experience.  Similarly with Crisis Management, David has taken his experience in public policy and political campaigns, studied the processes of successful management of crises in businesses, and now offers to help businesses avoid crises and help them through crises which have already begun.

Contact David for Mediation services or Crisis Management questions:


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