David Holmes

Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Crisis Management is a process that focuses on preventing crises and damage to the reputation of companies and organizations.  When a crisis does arise, a plan will already be in place to minimized the duration and impact of the crisis.  Intrepid Crisis Management will help you prepare for business continuity and emergency communication during a crisis.

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is part of the process of Crisis Management.  If a Reputation becomes damaged a crisis can increase in likelihood and severity.  Reputation Management includes the monitoring and utilization of communications channels including social media.

Ongoing Preparation

Once a plan fitting your business is created, it must be periodically reviewed and tested to insure the organization is prepared.  Additionally, ongoing monitoring of your reputation with stakeholders and your communication channels will alert you to risk and assist in preventing potential crises.


Based in Austin, Texas, David is willing to travel to assist companies and nonprofits with crisis planning and response.

For consultation or immediate help with a crisis your business is facing, contact below:


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